Plastic Masterbatch

Lcai(China) Plastic Pigment Co. Ltd. : A Well-Known Plastic Masterbatch Exporter

Lcai(China) Plastic Pigment Co. Ltd. is committed to make the best quality plastic masterbatches. As a leading plastic masterbatch manufacturer, we use the finest quality raw materials to produce plastic masterbatches that can meet your application needs. Our skilled workers use modern production technologies to ensure that these color concentrates meet strict quality standards to satisfy customers. We also provide customization services to meet your exact sourcing needs and expectations. As a well-reputed plastic masterbatch supplier, we charge the lowest price for our pigment pastes in the competitive international wholesale market. 

Our Plastic Masterbatches: The Key to Colorfast, Processed & Compatible Products

As a leading plastic masterbatch supplier, we make plastic masterbatches with uniform colors to ensure that you can use them to make your final products with a consistent appearance. Our pigment pastes have a narrow particle size distribution to ensure that you smoothly disperse them in the polymer melt. We have equipped our plastic masterbatches with the ability to be simply processed. Hence, you can easily process these products to color plastic. As a well-reputed plastic masterbatch exporter, we make colorfast plastic masterbatches to ensure that their exposure to chemicals, heat, and light does not make the final products lose their color. Our masterbatches are compatible with all types of polymer to which you add them to. Thus, you can add them to all kinds of polymers. Our color concentrates remain stable during storage. Therefore, they will remain intact over time. You can use our pigment pastes to add whichever color you want to plastics. Our plastic masterbatches are available to ensure that you can add different qualities to plastics like flame retardancy, ultraviolet resistance, and anti-static properties. Thus, they will enable you to make plastics long-lasting. 


Get The Best Discounts In The Market With Our Plastic Masterbatches


We make our color concentrates in the lowest lead time in the industry. You can compare our minimum order quantities, prices, and lead time with our competitors. This comparison will tell you how much you can save by buying plastic masterbatches from us. We offer the best discounts in the market. Our customer services team is available throughout the year to answer your questions regarding our products and provide technical advice regarding your project. Over the years, we have helped several businesses to buy the finest masterbatch. As a well-reputed plastic masterbatch manufacturer, we keep our products ready to meet the needs of our customers. Hence, our shipping contractor will supply plastic masterbatches to you on time.