Color Plastic

Color Plastic Masterbatch Manufacturer for Vibrant Colors

Plastic industry is incomplete without Licai Plastic Pigment Co., Ltd. The reason behind this is the quality of the color masterbatch we manufacture. We leave no color left in the offerings for our clients. You can choose any kind of color resins of plastic. Producing plastic products in any color needs color masterbatches. You can find that in large quantities at Licai Plastic Pigment. Their inclusion in any plastic production will make it vibrant and colorful. They will melt easily upon high temperature for molding, extrusion, and every other method.

Purchase Wholesale Color Plastic Masterbatch from Us

You can purchase color masterbatch in huge quantities from us. All of it will be available at a discounted price. The rates are very low, which makes the buyers afford them easily. That is what we want to offer to our clients. Reasonable price for bulk purchase of color plastic masterbatch. We manufacture resins in large quantities to sell them at low rates. You can ask us for discounts to buy color plastic masterbatch. We have a giant production size for all our clients worldwide. This is why we can offer you wholesale rates. 

Compatible with Plastic Injection, Blow Molding, Extrusion, and More

Licai Plastic Pigment is a color plastic masterbatch manufacturer that can be beneficial for all. You can use these color plastic masterbatches in any kind of production method. Whether it is plastic injection or blow molding, both are suitable. Also, other methods like extrusion and casting are compatible with our color-plastic masterbatch. These pellets are adaptable for many modes of plastic production.

Customized Pigments for Colored Resins  

You can purchase wholesale color plastic masterbatch with customization. We have custom production for any shade of pigment. We use PE and PP materials to manufacture them in different colors. It makes them versatile for any kind of plastic good. Customization service is available for all the buyers who wish to buy in bulk. This will unlock the flexibility of choosing any color for any kind of production.

How Does Licai Plastic Pigment Benefit You?

Licai Plastic Pigment Co., Ltd. should be your plastic color masterbatch supplier. We do thorough research on color range and quality. Each batch of production meets with uniformity of color and performance. Our engineering methods enhance production standards. Likewise, we conduct color testing on all the color plastic masterbatches. This makes our production go well for global supply. All clients feel satisfied with the performance of our color pellets.